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The club’s library has a large collection of handbooks, parts catalogues, technical literature and photographs covering all the Triumphs produced between 1923 and 1940. Due to the rarity and fragility of these original items they are not loaned out. But club members are welcome to view the library by appointment and can request copies in either printed or electronic formats. A library list of all contents is available below.

New items are constantly being sought after and added to the library. Occasionally duplicate material such as handbooks, parts catalogues & lubrication charts are sourced by the club and then offered for sale to it’s members.

The club is keen to expand it’s ever-growing library and archives, so if you think you have something that would interest the club, please contact Roger Janson here, who will be pleased to hear from you.

Technical Bits

Below you can find a list of all the technical documents that we have available for downloading

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