This car was built as an attempt to illustrate that the Triumph Dolomite was capable of development as a performance vehicle.

With very little attention to engine modification, the extra performance compared to the standard version is instantly realised but further development would no doubt further enhance performance.

Modifications to the chassishave included a reduction in wheelbase to 8’6″ and a lowering of chassis height both front and rear by modification to all leaf spring mountings, bringing front springs alongside the chassis rather than beneath them, thus reducing height by approximately 2″. The four cylinder pushrod overhead valve engine is of 1767cc displacement and has standard bore of 75mm and stroke of 100mm. Modification has been restricted to an increase in power output. An all aluminium body has been created by David Wood to provide seating for two but with an emphasis on more weather protection for the driver.

Some features reflect those used on the eight cylinder Dolomites created by Donald Healey and Geoff Enoch has successfully replicated the style of the radiator shell. The front spring arrangements are another feature which follow that of the eight cylinder cars.

Very little mileage has been recorded but an indication of the car’s performance potential was shown by the two successful runs in the Kop Hill event this September and further road mileage thereafter. Road equipment has been fitted to enable use on the road but this can quite easily be removed when not needed.

Offers in the region of £55,000 are invited for this unique car which could be an answer for anyone keen to take over ownership and development of the car.

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