This car was created to illustrate what could have been built by Triumph in 1938 when the policy of the company changed towards building cars other than two seated sports versions. This must have been a great disappointment for Donald Healey who was at that time responsible for the development of Triumph’s range of cars and had only just seen his fabulous eight cylinder cars dropped for financial reasons.

ARD 262 left the factory as a saloon but by the time it came into the possession of the builder, it was but a bare rolling chassis. The only modification was a reduction in chassis wheelbase to provide the 8’0″ required. All mechanical components are of standard Dolomite specification. The four cylinder pushrod overhead engine has a capacity of 1767cc, and the four speed gearbox has syncromesh on the top three ratios. Final drive is 4.75:1.

Much of the original Dolomite bodywork features have been retained and the result has been a practical and comfortable two seater with sufficient luggage space, so often lacking in two seater sports cars of this period.

Whilst the car’s performance is more than sufficient for everyday motoring, the strong engine is also capable of withstanding any further performance.

The Dolomite has provided much enjoyment since it has been in use and has also proved to be very reliable and will no doubt continue to give good service to the new owner.

Offers in the region of £55,000 are invited for this unique car which always attracts admirers whenever it is shown.

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