spares1No company-held spares survived the war. Some stocks remained at the larger distributors such as Basil Roy’s and Newham’s in London. The Club purchased what remained of these in the early ’60s. Parts pertaining to our cars are bought by the Spares Section at autojumbles although this source has now almost dried up. Certain parts, especially those common to several models, are therefore batch manufactured by the Club against advance orders and deposits.

These include water pumps and other aluminium castings, suspension pins and bushes, gaskets, rubber parts, handles, pressure plates and friction discs. However a major problem is that as we cater for so many models which only exist in low numbers, it is sometimes difficult to justify the high cost for small runs of re-manufactured items.spares2

Where the Club cannot supply parts direct, the Spares Officer holds the addresses of stockists and manufacturers from where certain items can be obtained. Some parts that were made for post war cars, even current models, are exact or near equivalents to the original design.

The Club also holds a good selection of second hand parts obtained from rescued scrap vehicles, which can often be refurbished or used as patterns to make new one-off items. All spares held by the Club, whether new or second-hand, feature in a Spares List, which is regularly updated and issued to members.

For further information, contact Richard Mack, who is our Spares Officer.