Retirement thank you..

Firstly, please let Cynthia and I congratulate John Lowe on his appointment, firstly as a Director, and more importantly as the new Chairman of the PNTMC Ltd. We both wish he and Elena well in their new position, and we hope you both enjoy the experience as much as we have.

Secondly, I have written pieces for the last PNTMC Management meeting (July), in the club magazine (August), and for the recent AGM (September), setting out my happy memories and also the status of the club as I leave the management team, so in this letter, I will concentrate on the third task to hand.

Cynthia and I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for the fantastic gifts you bestowed upon us Sunday last, when we met Graham and Helen for lunch at the beautiful and historic Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa. Thank you to Graham and Helen, for driving more than halfway to meet us, but at least they were able to enjoy some of the hospitality and wonderful views that Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Wolds has to offer. The bouquet Helen produced, and presented to Cynthia, exhibited the best of the florist’s stock and skills. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

I was totally surprised to receive the certificate of Honorary membership of the club. Again- thank you. Ensuring longevity becomes even more important now!

Finally, (and last is not least), the record of our time and life within the club so ably and professionally presented in the wonderful book that Graham put together and presented to us. Thank you.
Thanks also to those that contributed pictures, memories, stories that were included in the book. Thank you Graham not only for your amazing skills publishing such a book, but also, his archiving and recall of club events from time (nearly) immemorial. It is certainly a record of many years of our lives that we shall cherish, and look through frequently, hopefully for many years to come.
The other great benefit in receiving a gift like this, is the possibility to download an e-copy, enabling close family to receive a copy, which gave us much pleasure.

We treasure our time, to date, with the club and look forward to many more years enjoying the support, friendship, advice, and visiting interesting venues that it so willingly offers.
Thank you all for all the above, and for the years of challenge and friendship that we have been privileged to enjoy.

David Mason & Cynthia Golland