Monte Carlo or Bust

There’s not much happening at this time of the year here in the U.K. but Banbury was the focal point on Tuesday 28th of February when the Monte Carlo Classique event came to town.

Starting from Scotland, we had one intrepid club member, Ben Stephens and his co-driver Sorrel, involved with his very appropriate Monte Carlo model and it was our duty to give some support for his effort. It was decided that Rob Green and myself, being closest to the venue , should be present and join the static display of cars so arranged.

Tuesday arrived cool but dry and I was able to give the Dolomite a rare winter’s airing and Rob arrived in his Sunbeam 90 saloon. This was the type of car used in the Monte Carlo events of the 1950s and our two cars were among the oldest on show, the majority being much later MGBs etc..There must have been about fifty cars of all types scattered around the centre of the town and as the entrants arrived, we were able to find our crew before they took to the ramp for a send off by the Mayor of Banbury.

Well wrapped up, both were cheerful and full of confidence and the car was running well. Some photographs were taken before we wished them good luck and away they went to the cheers of the crowd.

Little did we know then that the Gloria would succumb to a malidy when they were travelling through France but hopefully, by this time they will have returned home and ready to fight another day.