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Club Membership is open to all enthusiasts of pre-1940 Triumph motor cars. Membership may be in joint names if desired. Annual subscriptions are:-

  • UK Associate £20
  • UK Full £30
  • Overseas USA & Canada £40
  • Overseas EU £40
  • Overseas non EU £44

Note: Overseas members only, who prefer to receive their magazines by email rather than air-mail post: £35

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I/we apply to become a member of the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club Ltd and if accepted I/we will abide by the Articles of Association of the Club and hereby agree to provide the guarantee of £1 referred to therein. I/we understand that membership is on an annual basis which shall continue for as long as I/we pay the appropriate subscription in each and every subsequent year after joining.

I/we consent to the use of my/our data by the Club as set out in its Data Protection Privacy Notice.


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Associate members are not required to complete this section.

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