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USA / Canada


Duncan Wood

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“This is a photo of my 1936 Southern Cross which I obtained from Roy Potton a couple of years ago after our disastorous fire in November 2012 when we lost BYR 307 a 1935 S.X.

I have owned Triumphs for the last 30 years and I got involved with the pre 1940 in 1996 after I purchased BYR 307 in London after a lot of assistance from club members particularly Ian Harper. Assistance from many members of the club has been great to all the folks over here.

Here in the U.S.A. And Canada we have  total of 12 members scattered all over the continent from California to New Jersey and up in Canada so we do not see each other very often, the magazine is what holds us together and is a great publication and eagerly awaited every couple of months.” Duncan Wood