Important Announcement- Parts Wanted / Spare Parts for sale / Cars for Sale areas of our website

Dear Members,

We have recently been made aware of a couple of scams affecting those who have listed cars for sale, parts for sale and parts wanted on our website.

The scammers obtained the email address from the posted adverts, and proceeded to contact the member claiming to be breaking a car for spare parts and offering them for sale. The scammers used a photo which they obtained from Google to pose as a legitimate owner.

We have therefore decided to password protect our ‘Cars for Sale’, ‘Spare Parts for Sale’ and ‘Parts Wanted’ pages.

For the latest username and password, please refer to the most recent club magazine where you can find the details at the very bottom of the inside front cover.

Naturally now that these areas are password protected, only members can view therefore it means the exposure to a wider audience outside of the club won’t be possible. However, we hope you will agree it’s in the best interests of everyone’s safety and security online that we have taken this decision.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Rob Johnson-Howe
Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club Webmaster

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