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As part of the Club’s Golden Anniversary celebrations it was decided that it would be fun to pass a baton from one member to another. For UK members a baton made from part of an old Triumph’s ash frame would be used and for overseas members a virtual baton would be sent via emails (this image would then be printed full size by the recipient). It is intended that these batons continue to be handed on even though our Golden Anniversary year finished several years ago. Below are photographs and details of the completed handovers, so far:


01 Helen Hillier to Roy Potton 20.02.11

1st – Helen Hillier started the UK baton handovers at the Library Day on 20th February 2011. Helen can be seen at her home in Norfolk, with her 1931 Scorpion 2-Door Saloon and passing the baton to Roy Potton with his 1937 Gloria Southern Cross in the foreground.

02 Roy Potton to Graham Shipman 20.02.11

2nd – On the same day as receiving the baton, Roy hands it on to Graham Shipman with his 1936 Gloria 2-Litre Vitesse Saloon. Shropham Hall, Norfolk was chosen as the venue.

03 GS - AC

3rd – Graham passing the baton to Tony Cardy standing next to his red & black 1939 Dolomite Saloon. This photograph was taken at Graham’s home in Norfolk on 9th April 2011.


04 AC - RP

4th – Unfortunately the opportunity did not arise for Tony to pass the baton on and with the Anglia Event fast approaching it was decided that Jack Shipman would stand in for Tony. Jack is pictured handing the baton to Richard & Susan Perkins with their 1936 Gloria ‘Twelve’ Vitesse Tourer on 14th May 2011 at Pensthorpe, Norfolk.


05 RP - FJ

5th – Later the same day (14th May 2011) Richard passed the baton to Frank & Jackie Jones with their cream  coloured 1936 Vitesse 2-Litre Saloon at the same venue. It is great to see Frank out enjoying his Vitesse in this photo. He and Jackie travelled many miles in this car, home and abroad. Following a long illness Frank died in 2014.

06 FJ - BA

6th – Next day (15th May 2011) Frank arranged for Barry Ambrose, with his 1936 Gloria Southern Cross, to take custody of the baton. This took place at Strumpshaw Steam Museum near Brundall, Norfolk.

07 BA - CW

7th – Not wishing to keep the ‘rolling-pin’ too long Barry soon passed it onto Cecil Willcocks with his 1940 Dolomite 2-Litre Roadster at the same location. Cecil now had the honour of taking the baton outside Norfolk for the first time.

08 CW - DT

8th – Cecil brought the baton along to our Golden Jubilee Annual Rally at Ragley Hall on Sunday 19th June 2011, Photographed with his Dolomite, Cecil passes the baton to David Thomas wearing a false moustache (which appeared to grow during the day!).


09 DT - BM

9th – David quickly tracked down Bert Mooijekind from Holland and in this photo they can be seen together with David’s 1935 Gloria Southern Cross which he driven from his home in Portugal.

11 BM - FS

10th – Now it became an all Dutch affair with Bert (standing by his 1935 Gloria Southern Cross) handing the baton to Martin Smitt. They had both driven their Triumphs to Ragley Hall from Holland.


12 FS - RH

11th – Martin, standing by his 1932 Southern Cross Tourer, hands the baton to fellow Dutchman Roelof Hazeleger at Ragley Hall.


13 RH - RB

12th – Roelof Hazeleger had  brought his 1930 Super Seven Gnat over from Holland to attend the Club’s Rally at Ragley Hall. He is pictured here, with his Triumph, handing the baton to Roger Barnes.


14 RB - CC

13th – Back in Hertfordshire Roger passes the baton to Chris Currell at Leighton Buzzard’s preserved steam railway on 22nd June 2011. Here they are with Roger’s Gloria Vitesse and Chris’ Ten Saloon parked amongst other visiting classic vehicles.


14 CC - DI

14th – Chris handed the baton to fellow St. Albans member Don Impson. They arranged to meet on 26th July 2011 at St Columba’s School. The view from their playing field is a great location for capturing St. Albans Cathedral on the horizon. This photo shows Don and Chris with their Dolomite Roadster and Van (respectively) with the Cathedral in the background.

15 DI - BP

15th – Don contacted Brian Poulton and was given the ‘green light’ to motor up the A5 to pass the baton to Brian. Their chosen location was outside the Bell Hotel in the heart of Winslow, Buckinghamshire. This photo of them with their Dolomites was taken on 17th August 2011.


16 BP - AB16th – Brian arranged to meet Alan Blick outside Quainton’s old railway station in Buckinghamshire on 25th September 2011. They do look a great pair standing in front of the station – the Dolomites that is!


17th – In October 2011 Alan arranged to meet Bob Hutley outside Bob’s home in Buckinghamshire. This photo Bob (left) standing in front of his Dolomite and receiving the baton from Alan. A couple of months later Alan lost his brave fight against cancer and sadly this turned out to be the last club photo of Alan.

18 RH - DM

18th – The UK baton sprung back into life during the Daffodil Run on 22nd April 2012. For the 18th exchange Bob Hutley is pictured handing the baton to David Main while standing by his 1934 Gloria Speed Model Tourer during their lunchtime stop at the Alice Lisle pub in Hampshire.

20 RB - JQ

19th & 20th –  David had the baton for just a few minutes and was quick to pass it onto Rob Green at the same venue, so quick that no photo was taken to capture the handover.  Not wishing to be the last man standing with the baton, Rob passed it Jon Quiney while standing in front of Jon’s 1940 Dolomite 14/65 Roadster.

21 JQ - RP

21st – Jon walked over to Ray Plowman and handed him the baton in front of his 1935 Gloria Coupe sporting a bunch of Daffodils on its radiator grille. If it was not for these daffs you would be surprised to know that is a spring day!

22 RP - DP

22nd – With Ray still looking as though he is braving a winter’s day he handed the baton to Don Pearce in front of his 1939 Dolomite 14/65 Roadster. According to these photos Don should have been left holding the baton during the rest of the Daffodil Run, but due to his ‘cunning plan’ Ray ended up taking it home!

23 RP - AM

23rd – Possession being nine tenths of the law Ray soon realising his baton duties were not over so he arranged to travel to Tony Miles home in Hampshire on 2nd May 2012. The photo for this exchange features Ray with his Gloria Coupe and Tony with the first club sighting of his 1936 Gloria Southern Cross since the early 1960s! Proof that Tony still has his Triumph, even thought the body is not yet reunited with its restored rolling chassis (Tony completed the restoration of his Gloria Southern Cross in 2014).

25 BB - PB

24th & 25th – For the next handover Tony brought the baton to the Club’s Annual Rally at Coughton Court on 17th June 2012 and passed it to Bernard Bollons. It would have been taken by either Bernard’s blue, green or unrestored Gloria Southern Crosses that he brought along, but no photograph was taken. At the Luddington village fete on 22nd July 2012 locals were treated to a display of our Triumphs, largely due to Bernard’s continued enthusiasm to take more than one from his collection. Peter Kerr drove Bernard’s 1930 Super Seven Fabric Saloon and Peter Beeley drove Bernard’s green 1935 Gloria Southern Cross to Luddington. Bernard took this opportunity to pass the baton to Peter Beeley and they can be seen in this photo with the two Triumphs.

26 PB - MJH

26th – At the end of the afternoon Martin Johnson-Howe (who also attended the Luddington village fete) followed Peter to his home in Warwickshire. They wheeled out Peter’s 1930 Super Seven Special (undergoing restoration), parked it with Martin’s 1935 Gloria Six Vitesse Saloon and posed for this baton handover.

27 MJH - BB

27th -As the Club’s West Midlands Area Rep. Martin had drummed up enthusiasm with his local club members to take part in the Coventry Festival of Transport on 25th August 2012, so along he went with the baton in his Gloria. Once parked in the Stoneleigh Showground Martin handed the baton to Brian Bromwich. Pictured here with Martin’s 1935 Gloria Six Vitesse Saloon and Brian’s 1939 Dolomite 14/65 Roadster.

28 BB - JM

28th – Soon after receiving the baton Brian walked over to John Marshall who was standing by his 1935 Gloria Six Vitesse Saloon and handed it to him.

29 JM - DR

29th – John then spotted David Rider by Rob Green’s Dolomite Straight Eight tribute car and passed the baton to David. Rob can be seen in the background of this photo and I’m sure he is thinking “I thought I had seen the last of that ‘rolling-pin’ on the Daffodil Run!” This was the last handover during the Coventry Festival of Transport.

30 DR - RM

30th – On 6th September 2012 David Rider drove his Aston Martin bodied Gloria to Bob Morley’s home in Leicestershire. With David’s Gloria Special and Bob’s 1938 Dolomite Sports Saloon parked on the drive David handed the baton to Bob.

31. 2013.03.03 Stoneleigh MJ-H (4)

31st – The baton came out of hibernation and on 3rd March 2013 at the Triumph Day, Stoneleigh Bob Morley passed the baton to Pete Woodcock. This photo was taken with Bob (left) and Pete standing in front of Bob’s Dolomite Sports Saloon.

32 Bob Woodcock to Mike Goddard March 2013

32nd – Later in March 2013 Pete Woodcock, owner of one of the three surviving 1936 Gloria Twelve Vitesse Short Saloons, visited and passed the baton to Mike Goddard who also owns the same model Gloria. Both Pete’s and Mike’s Glorias are currently under restoration so we are sure this opportunity allowed for the swapping of knowledge and ideas. This photo shows Pete handing the baton through Mike’s Gloria to Mike in the foreground.

3333rd, 34th & 35th – At the end of March 2013 met several club members at the Classic Car Show at Event City in Manchester. There he passed the baton onto Richard Hill (unfortunately we do not have a photo of this handover) who was displaying his Super Seven. Richard also appears to have been camera-shy as I don’t have a photo of him passing the baton to Bill Lowe who was also at this event with his Vale Special. Within minutes Bill had leant across the club’s stand and passed the baton to Steve Elnor whose 1939 Dolomite 14/65 Roadster was parked next to his Vale (as can be seen in the above photograph).


36thDave Ogden was displaying his 1933 Super Eight on his local club’s stand at the Classic Car Show at Event City in Manchester. After a short walk Steve Elnor passed the baton to Dave. This photo was taken in front of Dave’s Triumph.


37th – Dave was soon to depart on his two month Australian holiday after the show, so rather than hang onto the baton (the excuses members come up with for not to keep the baton!) he immediately passed it to our Chairman, David Mason.


38th – On the 13th April 2013 David Mason brought the baton to the Club’s Management Meeting held in the small Cambridgeshire village of Abington Pigotts. Breaking with tradition it was passed on without a Triumph in sight, but to make up for this it was witnessed by all the Committee (apart from AD) as Steve Jacobs took custody of the baton.


39th – Steve & Sharon Jacobs took the baton with them when they took part in the Club’s trip to Belgium in September 2013. They handed the baton to Dirk & Leive Devogeleer who had motored up to Ghent in their 1937 Vitesse 14/60 Saloon. The exchange being made during their Sunday road run at the historic Kasteel Borlut. Apologies for the grainy picture, it will be replaced when the original can be found!


40th – Sunday evening’s barbeque at Steve & Bieke’s home gave Dirk Devogeleer the chance to pass the baton to new club member Dominick Arits, who had joined us for the evening.


41st – The same evening Dominick was able to wrestle Steve Meyers away from his culinary duties and into the garage to make their exchange beside Steve’s Dolomite Tribute car.


42nd – Steve the then completed the circle by handing the baton to Andy Hall, again seen here in front of Steve’s Triumph, for him to return it to the UK.

43 baton


43rd  –  Andy managed to get the baton through customs without them cutting it open, so it is safely back in the UK. So proud of being the baton holder Andy kept it a few months until he passed it on to Peter Howat at the Club’s  Annual Rally at Upton House on Sunday 15th June 2014. Peter - Trevor

44th – During the Club’s Annual Rally Peter cornered Trevor Sherwood and handed the baton to him in front of his 1936 Gloria Saloon.

Trevor - Graham

45th – Still at the Annual Rally, Trevor was pointed in the direction of Graham Chambers for the next hand over. The above photo shows this event, but where are their Triumphs?

46thTo mark the occasion of Graham Chambers’ first long journey in his Dolomite since its restoration he took the baton on the Cotswold 100 re-run in August 2014 and handed it to Ben Stephens. We are currently awaiting to see the photograph.

Now that the 2015 old car motoring season is about to start we will hopefully soon have more baton changes to report on – watch this space!




1st - Dick Green with his Super Nine Special at his home in New Zealand on February 2011.

1st – Dick Green with his Super Nine Special at his home in New Zealand on 10th January 2011.


Phil Redmond

2nd – Philip Redmond and his 1935 Gloria Six Saloon in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, New Zealand on 14th January 2011. A few days later disaster struck when the cathedral was badly damaged in an earthquake (see inset picture).



3rd – John Shepherd with his 1934 Gloria at Bundanoon railway station in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia on 2nd February 2011.


04 George Hobbs 13.02.11

4th – George Hobbs with his 1934 Coventry built Southern Cross Speed Model Tourer at Beaumont Common, South Australia on 13th February 2011.


05 Ron Elton 27.02.11

5th Ron Elton with his 1934 Gloria Six Tourer project in Tauranga, New Zealand on 27th February 2011.


06 Ken Meyer 27.03.11

6th Ken Meyers with his 1928 Super Seven Saloon on the drive of his home in Ontario, Canada on 27th March 2011. Ken has good reason to look cold; it was -11 centigrade, -17 with the wind-chill! (It looks even colder when compared with the preceding ‘T-shirt & shorts’ photos from ‘down-under’).


 7th & 8th – Duncan & Sheila Wood and Paul & Jane Higley with their 1932 Southern Cross Tourer and 1935 Gloria Southern Cross respectively in March 2011. They arranged to meet in front the Chishlom Trail mural. It was painted by Richard Haas in 1985 on the south facade of the Jett building in the heart of Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The mural is about three stories high and has a striking three-dimensional effect. In reality, the entire side of the wall is flat.

08 DM

 9th – Dennis Mamchur is photographed with his 1935 Gloria Southern Cross at his home in New Jersey, USA in May 2011. Standing 6½ feet tall it looks as though Dennis owns a ¾ scale Triumph! Not surprisingly he says it is a tight fit for him.


10 BC

10th – Barry Cleaver from New Zealand is pictured above with his Dolomite Royal Saloon in August 2011.

11 DW

11th – Dale Will is pictured here with his Triumphs in October 2011. The photo of him with his Gloria Southern Cross is up on a nearby ranch in Carbondale, Colorado. The mountain in the background is Mount Sopris which is famous for having tone of the longest continuous elevation gains. The base is about 6000ft and the summit is 12,900ft. The photo of Dale & his Gloria Coupe is in his garage.

DCF 1.0

12th – This is the Spooner family in November 2011 with their 1929 Super Seven parked over-looking the Rocky Mountains outside their Estes Park home in Colorado. From left to right are son Kevin Spooner, grandson Ian Spooner, the car, John Spooner and Sue Spooner.” – November 2011.


13thPeter Seow can be seen standing with his Dolomite holding the baton on 11th October 2014. This photo was taken in front of an iconic Singapore tourist attraction, Haw Par Villa. It features Chinese mythology and filial piety figurines constructed in cement and brightly painted. Just prior to this outing we are proud to learn that Peter had chauffeured Toro Rosso’s F1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne in his Dolomite round the Singapore Grand Prix circuit for the driver’s parade – that is what we class as great publicity for our Club!

More overseas baton news to report soon – watch this space!