Welcome to our online Community.  Please take a minute to read this section before entering the Forum. The Club operates and maintains this online forum for the use of Members only. We operate a fair use policy and ask users to respect the views of all members and not to post content that could cause offence. Pictures can be uploaded to the site, but we ask that you compress the images first to make them suitable for use on the site.


All new users will have to register first, please read this quick guide on how to register.

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to register. The first page you will see is the terms and conditions of the host site. Please read these carefully and if you agree click on the “I agree to these terms” button. Next you will se a simple form as shown below:

Enter your Username as your First and Surname (eg: Joseph Blogs) and your password which can be anything as long as it is between 6 and 10 characters (eg: blogs123), it must not contain any spaces or punctuation. This way we can verify that you are a member and activate your account. Click Save and your details will be sent to the Forum Administrator, who will check your details and activate your account.  You should receive a confirmation e-mail from the administrator within 24hrs.
Once you receive your confirmation email click on the Login button at the top of this page to access the site and enter your Username and Password.  Once logged on you can set your personal preferences in your Profile area, such as being notified of new messages via e-mail and adding what is called an Avatar which is a picture that is shown against any post made by you as a way of identification.
Any questions regarding the Forum or complaints about the content of posts should be directed to the Administrator.  Again we ask that users respect all members views and opinions and any conduct not deemed to be in keeping with the Clubs rules or ethos will result in the account being suspended or deleted altogether.