Club History

Note – For a full history see: –
1) ‘Triumph Cars – The Complete 75 Year History’ by Robson & Langworth, first published by Motor Racing Publications 1979.
2) ‘The Story of Triumph Sports Cars’ by Robson, published by Motor Racing Publications 1972.
3) ‘Donald Healey – My World of Cars’ by Garnier & Healey, published by Patrick Stephens Ltd. 1989.
4) ‘Triumph Motor Cars from Family Photograph Albums’ by Graham Shipman – Published in 2005 this book contains 108 illustrated memories of pre-war Triumphs when they were used as every day transport. The majority of models are included, from the 1923 10/20 Tourer to the 1939 Twelve Saloon. Available from Graham Shipman – £18.95 plus £4.00 postage.
5) ‘Triumph Cars in Australia 1924 to 1939’ by John Shepherd & Jon Elbourne – Released in 2007, this excellent in-depth and well illustrated 136 page book covers all aspects of our Triumphs down under from when they were new to the present day. Available from Graham Shipman (for UK & European sales) £20 plus £3.50 postage & John Shepherd, NSW, Australia (for Rest of the World sales) email
6) ‘Ava Atque Vale’ by Dave Cox – with the release of this 178 page book in 2006 Dave has left no room for another on Vales as it contains it all. The complete social and production history of Vale is covered together with complete production records and what has happened to each car. For further details on this book and Vales in general have a look at Dave’s website Available from Dave Cox – £26 plus £5 postage.

The Club relies almost entirely on annual subscriptions for income. These are due on 1st January each year. (Members joining between 1st Oct. & 31st Dec. prior to this date are not required to pay again for the following year).  On joining the Club a new Member receives a Membership Card, Club Rules, Membership List, Library List, Spares List, Regalia Details and if appropriate details of a special insurance scheme in the UK. A current Club Magazine will also be provided.  To apply for membership please complete the separate Application Form which also contains the current subscription rates and payment details. We look forward to hearing from you.