The sole surviving 1935 model Gloria Ten Saloon is being offered for sale by long standing club member Derek Creasy. 

Before Derek’s example is described, you may find it interesting to read why we think Triumph included this Gloria model in their 1935 range of 26 models offered to the public between September 1934 and August 1935. Triumph’s publicised reasons for continuing with a ‘face-lift’ (updated style radiator grille & surround with a slightly revised bonnet panels) version of the previous year’s model are explained in the following extract from their sales brochure:

Perhaps the reason for Triumph offered this model is that they may have had an excess of bodies and parts left over from the previous year’s model. From our calculations it appears 150 were manufactured, we have recorded 33 and just one survives with its original bodywork – Derek’s.

This Gloria model was Triumph’s entry level saloon for the 1934/5 season costing £13 less than the ‘all new’ 10.8 h.p. Gloria Saloon. Not a bad saving considering this Ten Saloon continued with what we now consider more robust chassis and running gear when compared with its successors. 

I have owned ‘BXL 55’ for almost 50 years (below colour photos: taken in 1970s) always hoping one day to finish it; unfortunately, that day has passed (for me).  I did extensive work on it in the late 70’s with everything steel shot-blasted and hot zinc sprayed starting with a bare chassis. Brief list of work done then was:

Complete Engine re-build by Thompson Engineering of Norwood.

Wheels re-built by SE London wheel company

Back axle overhauled

Gearbox and clutch overhauled

Dashboard re-made and veneered

Instruments repaired by John Marks

90% of chrome-work done to a very high standard but with a few items showing slight tarnishing.

Water pump overhauled .

Radiator re-built.

All new brakes but hydraulics will all need doing again (many new parts incl.

Dual gauge and Startix re-built etc. etc

New rear quarter panel made

New inner rear wing made

New outer rear wing made

5 new town &country tyres (always Jacked up)

For many years I would take it out around my estate as a rolling chassis (ie with one seat and no body. I did start to put it back together in the mid 80’s with new floor and many ash repairs including new sections but this came to an abrupt end with redundancy, children, inflation and mortgage. When I next got around to looking at it in the 90’s, I found that the block had split (usual place) and so I removed the head to relieve pressure. It has stayed like that ever since.  Sadly, I need to sell it now before it is too late health wise. I would like to sell it to a club member (I was a member off and on for many years). It will make a good project for someone with the skills to finish the bodywork and interior as much of the boring “donkey- work” has been done,

Parts missing:

The Gloria Mascot (someone stole it from the car before I got her home).

Both running boards (I gave them to a “friend” to make new ones but lost track of him).

Otherwise, I still have everything dry stored as either useable or patterns (interior), the body is securely fixed to the chassis and I also have masses of literature, receipts, handbook, parts book and the car is registered in my name.            

I am asking £1,950

For someone to come and clear everything including spare whilst I cans so that it doesn’t go to scrap.  I am sure that the engine work alone would cost far more than that these days (it has probably not even done a mile around the estate since then) as would the chrome work.

Derek Creasy. Tel.01622 814103 or complete the form below to send an email request.

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