Annual General Meeting – 13th September 2020


Notice is hereby given that, in order to comply with Company legislation, we will conduct the tenth Annual General Meeting of the Pre-1940 Motor Club Ltd. in a virtual format on 13th September 2020. Should you have an item for inclusion on the Agenda, please notify me by 19th July 2020

The Agenda, Report and Proxy Voting Forms will then be sent out in the week of 10th August.

Tony Miles,

Secretary, Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club Ltd.

Spring Lodge, Stonehills, Fawley, Hampshire. SO45 1DU

Telephone: +44(0)2380891484



As with all Limited Companies, the Club has to comply with the law in respect of the submission of annual accounts and the holding of an annual general meeting. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are still obliged to complete these tasks and the Directors agree that the most effective way will be to hold a “virtual AGM” making use of modern technology and asking full members to participate by Proxy Voting, by either email or post.

Should you wish to submit a resolution to be considered at the meeting please have it seconded by another full member and notify me by 19th July 2020.
Please note that our Chairman, David Mason, will retire at the AGM having been at the helm since June 2009.  Nominations for this post and indeed any other management post are invited.

The Agenda, Reports and Proxy Voting Forms will be sent to full members in the week of 10thAugust 2020 by email to those who have this facility and by post to those who have not registered an email address with us.

We will then ask you to return your voting forms to me in order that votes may be counted and the meeting concluded in the normal way. I am sure that we will soon be back to normal but please make this work for us all for the good of the Club.       Tony Miles