A message from the Red River Triumph Club

October 2016


Hi Steve,


As President of the Red River Triumph Club and from all the members, I would like to thank you, the Pre-1940 club members and visitors from the UK for attending the VTR 2016 National convention held October 2016 at Tanglewood resort in Texas. It was quite an event with a wonderful turnout of TR’s, Pre-TR and Pre-1940 cars. We had 158 families from 31 Triumph car clubs and over 20 different types of Triumphs attend. If I am not mistaken, this was probably the largest showing, six to be exact, of Pre-1940 cars at one event.


The Pre-1940 club was instrumental in helping get our cars ready for the event, in particular, I could have not been ready with the Gloria if it wasn’t for the diligence of the team getting parts to us. Again thank you!


I know that some of you participated in the events and I hope you enjoyed all that Texas has to offer. Further, we appreciate the Pre-1940 club members helping out with the Concours event. Your assessment of the cars and advice was greatly appreciated.


With the books now closed on the VTR 2016 Nationals, it was a memorable event, a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope everyone had safe travels back to the UK.


I have enclosed a brief article about the old cars at VTR 2016 Nationals. This can be viewed here: The Old Cars VTR 2016 Nationals


Best regards from the Pre-1940 club members from here in the US.


Mike Sabelhaus

President Red River Triumph Club

Pre-1940 member

1937 Gloria Southern Cross