2015 Annual Rally Report

High turnout at Pre 1940 Triumph Motor Club Annual Rally – Sunday 14th June 2015



With 41 cars on display the Annual Pre 1940 Triumph  Motor Club Rally at Upton House near Banbury held on  14th June was one of the highest turnouts in recent years  for this marque of vehicle. With only 261 roadworthy pre  1940 Triumphs known to exist worldwide, the event was  noteworthy with several of those taking part being the  only remaining examples, plus some that had not  previously participated in the event prior to restoration.

Super Seven Special VB6 079

One of the rarities on display was a 1929 Super Seven VB6 079 which had been rebuilt and re-bodied to his own design by David Wood who is a metal worker. It was the first time on display for this unique car and drew much attention.

Triumph Gloria Southern Cross COG 645

Triumph Gloria Southern Cross COG 645


Another rare vehicle was a 1937 Triumph Gloria Southern Cross, factory fitted with the desirable Triumph 14/60 engine giving much more power than the Coventry Climax engines fitted to the majority of these models. This car owned by David Ryder, was subject to a chassis up restoration a year ago and made its first appearance at the Rally.

Rare Triumph Gloria Southern Cross 6 Cylinder

Rare Triumph Gloria Southern Cross 6 Cylinder AVC 376

One of the stars of the show and certainly one of the most desirable in the Triumph range, was the 6 cylinder Triumph Gloria Southern Cross AVC 376 of which only five are known to exist. Richard Thomson the current owner purchased the car in September 2014. The car has a well document history participating in 17 rallies from 1935-1937.

Certainly an unusual car was a 1930 Super Seven Special VV 1526 owned by Peter Beeley. The car started life as a Fabric Saloon but was re-bodied using an Alvis 12/50 body in 1948. Peter has owned the car for 52 years.

Another interesting appearance since its recent restoration was a 1936 Gloria Southern Cross COG 645 owned by Tony and Kate Miles. Although the car has only covered 450 miles since restoration, it has a somewhat longer association with the family as they drove it from Chichester to Cornwall in 1964 on their honeymoon!

Most Original pre-1940 Triumph (Cotswold Cup) went to Steve King (AFC 330 Gloria 6 saloon) and Tony Miles won the Concours award (Founder’s Plate), with his Triumph Gloria Southern Cross.


Dressing up for the event

Dressing up for the event

Club Chairman David Mason reflected the views of many stating, “it was  good to see many of the club members turning out in 1930s period  dress, which really added to the atmosphere.” He added “my thanks go  to all those who attended especially those who brought their cars over  from Belgium and Holland specifically for the event”. Despite the unseasonable weather, the event was well attended with several hundred visitors throughout the day.

Estimated number of Triumph’s produced between 1923 and 1940 was 35,000 and the number recorded by the Club is 5,950. A total of 665 survive of which 261 are roadworthy.

The club is going from strength to strength and currently has just under 300 members the highest in its history. More details of the club can be obtained from Graham Shipman at registrar@pre-1940triumphmotorclub.org. The Club is particularly pleased to hear from those who previously owned pre 1940 Triumphs and may have documents or photos to share.