Dolomite Tourer Special – Restoration Project!


I opened the current edition of the club magazine and was delighted to see Steve Myers’s wonderful Dolomite Tribute special. I was so disappointed not to have seen the vehicle in the flesh, as it had been my vision to reproduce something very similar.

Regrettably the years have passed without reasonable progress and a move to the West Coast of Scotland and subsequent house renovation have all taken their toll. I had promised myself that when I retired I would build my version of the Dolomite TourerSpecial – however I now  find myself a number of years after when I should have retired, still flying up and down the country, and I have committed to do so for the foreseeable future.

I have come to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to move the project on to someone with more energy than I now have. Over the years I have collected numerous parts necessary to build my special. These include, but are not limited to the following:-

 1) 1939 Dolomite rolling chassis, complete with wire wheels and 12 inch diameter drum brakes currently on SORN

2) 1970’s six cylinder triumph overhead valve engine with twin Su carburettors which starts and runs sweetly

3) By choice I elected to couple this to an automatic gearbox which appears to function as it should ( I appreciate that this is not everybody’s taste but manual boxes are readily available)

4) Modified balanced prop shaft, stainless steel exhaust system, oil cooler, power steering rack, servo assisted brakes, wiring harness etc.

5) Fibreglass flowing front wings, running boards and rear wings.

6) Aluminium bonnet with louvred sides and aluminium front apron

7) Stainless steel radiator grill and stainless steel tubular bumpers.

8) Fibreglass bulkhead, body tub including doors and hood.

9) The kit of parts also includes new chrome headlights and chrome side lights, door handles,door locks rear lights, gauges, door seals, carpets and much much more.

 I have attached a few photographs of it loosely assembled which gives an indication of what it will look like.

 I am open to offers around £7.5K for the lot, however I am prepared to trade / swap for another interesting vehicle not requiring so much work, with cash adjustment either way, or old tractors, excavators or WHY ?

I appreciate that my location may be off putting, however we travel regularly to South Yorkshire and are prepared to transport it to this area if this helps.

(I also have a quantity of mid 1930’s Riley 12/4 engine spares, blocks, heads, crankshaft, pistons  and camshafts, rockers and cam covers all of which would be better used than sat on my workshop floor.)

Contact Jim Longstaff on 01546 600152 or by email on