Annual Rally 2014


The Heritage Restoration Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire



Once again the Club put on a display at this event held on 27th October 2013. Our stand was organised by the ever enthusiastic Martin Johnson-Howe and comprised three cars. These were Bob Morley's 1.5 litre Dolomite Sports Saloon, Brian Bromwich's Dolomite Roadster Coupe and Martin's own Gloria Saloon. These cars, accompanied by our updated display stands, made an outstanding display and this was confirmed by Bob Morley's car winning the Car of the Show award, presented jointly by Footman James Insurance and Classic Car Weekly magazine. Congratulations to all those involved. 

Jon Quiney.

Pre-1940 Triumph Cars descend on Belgium.

The weekend of the 6-9th of September, 2013, saw 5 cars from Britain travel to Belgium, to meet 2 cars registered in that country, and another car from Holland. Nothing special about that you say, but when you think that all the cars were around 76 years of age, it was quite an expedition.

Four cars, a Monte Carlo tourer from Doncaster, a Gloria from Wakefield, a Dolomite from Cambridge and a Vitesse from Caistor, all met at the Humber Bridge and then travelled together on the P & O ‘Pride of York ‘ to Zeebrugge, from whence we journeyed via a picturesque tree lined route, beside canals and rivers to the Canadian/ Polish  War Museum at Adagem. Here, our cars looked like giants, as we met another rally of some 60 Fiat Topolinos in the museum car park.

We also met up with a six cylinder Monte Carlo Tourer from Holland and another Dolomite from the South of England who used an alternative ferry and who was travelling on after our weekend into Germany. Lunch of course was a priority, and after lunch at one of the myriad of excellent inns and restaurants, at the sides of the roads, we made our way to Gent, where we found our hotel.

Cars safely away in a secure underground garage, we then did a much needed walk into the city and found an historic brewery, which was now a bar. Hung on the wall was a huge painting, of people in the bar, all of whom were exhibiting supposedly famous faces. As none of us could bring to mind famous Belgians, well not many anyway, we just enjoyed the beer. The Hotel Europa supplied an excellent dinner  for us all.

Sunday morning, and our Saturday guide had been home 150Km, and changed his modern car for another 1937 Vitesse. Our host too brought out his beautiful Straight Eight Dolomite tribute Triumph car, constructed recently from Triumph parts, and from a Triumph blueprint. Fitted with a six cylinder, two litre Triumph engine, this car really turns heads.

Outside Gent, is the city’s tallest building. 25 stories and known as the KBC Bank Tower. Sunday was the Bank’s open day, with some 2000 employees coming to Gent from all over  Belgium, and we, the travelling Triumphs, were invited to join the Bank’s ‘Old Timer Club’, to make a display in the underground car park. After lunch and seeing the spectacular views from floor 25, we drove to a nearby country mansion, where we displayed our cars against the historic backdrop.

An evening Bar-b-que was promised, but so was good weather. The first promise was honoured in excellent fashion, but the Bar-b-que was eaten indoors  as rain and lightning took over.

Monday morning,  we all travelled to Brugge for a walking tour of the town, and how beautiful it is.

Chocolates were bought, and some consumed, and lunch was taken before eventually wending our way back to Zeebrugge harbour and our way home.

Did the cars behave? Yes perfectly, no problems at all. One of our number was sadly stung by a Belgian insect, and such was the swelling that a night in Gent hospital was necessary. However, all is well that ends well, and the Dolomite’s navigator was released just in time to reach Zeebrugge in time for the sailing. Celebratory cheers were heard around the ship as we saw the car arrive dockside.

David Mason

Triumphant Annual Rally!

The cars may be old but the mood was distinctly modern thanks to the Bloxham School Band that played at the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Clubs 52nd Annual Rally held at Broughton Castle near Banbury (UK) on 16th June 2013. Despite that rather gloomy weather some of the participants were clearly not going to let this spoil their day and took to the dance (grass) floor. The event attracted 40 cars which is the second highest in recent years. It was also a truly international event with visitors from Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The cars included some extremely rare models and some were only remaining examples. The two oldest cars on display were a 1929 Super Seven 2 Seater Tourer de Luxe owned by Richard Hill and seen for the first time at a Club Annual Rally was a Super Seven owned by Roger Janson which had been in the same family since new. His grandfather collected it direct from the Coventry factory as he did not trust it in the hands of his local dealership! Other notable firsts were to see Fred Hugginson with his beautifully restored 1935 Gloria Saloon, Roy Potton with his newly acquired 1932 Super Nine. And finally John Marshall and family with their 1932 Super Seven Pilliarless Saloon de Luxe. Two partially restored cars also graced the Rally, Bernhard Ruest's 1934 Gloria Six Saloon and Bernard Bollons 1935 Gloria Southern Cross. Bernard also arranged for three more of his Triumphs to be present!

During the annual prize giving, the Dolomite Trophy awarded to the person who has contributed most to the Club went to Martin and Claire Johnston-Howe and the winner of the Best car of the show as judged by members went to Steve Jacobs with his 1935 Gloria Tourer and the Distance award to Steve Myers in a 1934 Straight 6/8 Dolomite Special who had driven 220 miles to the event. The Club is particularly grateful to Lord and Lady Saye and Sele for allowing the Club to use the grounds of what has been described as England’s most beautiful castle for the event.




About Us.

Our Club is dedicated to preserving and running cars built by The Triumph Motor Company including the Triumph Super Seven, Triumph Gloria, Triumph Monte Carlo, Triumph Vitesse, Triumph Southern Cross and Triumph Dolomite models. We are a small but growing Club of enthusiasts who organise around half a dozen events each year. Our current membership is over 200, worldwide.